Flyin' With Brian
  I fly kites in the San Francisco Bay area, mainly at Ceaser Chaves park in Berkeley California. I've been known to fly as much as 30 hours a week and I truly love the sport and the people involved in it.

I am known as a trick flyer, I can do most of the tricks (almost) with my kites and I have invented several new tricks over the years. I have been invited to do trick demo's at kite festivals and have even done trick workshops at the AKA conventions "Flyin' With Brian" (and I had a blast doing them).

Now in the last couple of years all this is changing! I can still do tricks BUT I just can't figure out these new "trick" kites! These new flickaflacka kites have taken the sport to a different level. They have made access to tricks WAY easier to the new flyer and have spawned tricks that tax the imagination.

I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, in fact I believe that these new trick kites have in fact ignited a new interest in kiting, as well as keeping seasoned kiters (like myself) interested...

Back to me. So now I have a dilemma to "classify" myself since I don't fly the new style of trick kites, so I can't really be called a trick flyer...O JEEZ... I'm not an old timer am I? I guess I'm just another fat boob with a kite! I can live with that cause I still love what I can do with a kite!

  A collection of stories written by ME!



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And they call me an alien!
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